Norm Lelliott

Inducted 1995

Stormin Norm Lelliot’s racing career spanned 23 years and included everything from go-karts and formula fords to super modifieds and even top fuel dragsters. But Lelliott really made his name in stock cars, starting in 1954 at the CNE and later at Pinecrest Speedway. In 1971 he joined the Performance Engineering team and won the Export “A” Championship in 1974. He died in 1991 in a tragic snowmobile accident.

Images from the Lelliott family collection.

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  1. Terry Dalton says:

    I’d have to say that is not Norm Lelliott in that pic IMO.

    • Deborah Lelliott says:

      I know this is not Norm Lelliott because I am his daughter, however it looks like dad in the background dealing with those tires so maybe that is why this photo is posted… if you need racing pics i have some…

      • Thanks for catching this Deborah, we would love to have some of your photos. I have sent you an email.

      • Brian Jinks says:

        Hi Deborah my name is Brian and norm was my favorite race driver growing up in the 60s and 70s I was a regular at pincrest as a kid, my brother and I used to scream until we could barely talk for him to win, and he didn’t disappoint. Just wondering if you had pic’s of the orange number 48 he drove.. He was the best : )
        Take care

  2. Ken Graham says:

    Agree with you, Terry 🙂

  3. Nancy McNeil says:

    Hello I was a great fan of your dad back in the 60;s my husband too we were at the track at the cne on toromto evry week end towatch your dad race. After we married and had kids we did not go nymore. my hubby passed away nd I am now going out withca fellow who has been in the racing field for many many years and I would love to have t picture of your dad in his car. is that Ă ossoble. I would pay the shipping cost if needed. Please comtact me at email address I have given Thank you. My name is Nancy

  4. Albert Brandstatter says:


    I came across a great photo which I took at Pinecrest Speedway and your Dad autographed for me when I was about 12 years old.
    If you like, I’ll send it to you.


  5. Scott Edwards says:

    Hi Deborah
    My name is Scott Edwards. I regularly think of Norm but unfortunately I was very young at the time he and I spent together. I have a very vivid memory of a day he stopped in at our house when he was driving for Coca Cola.
    Norm from what I recall is my mother’s cousin. Her name is Yvonne (Bonnie). My Father Reginald (Skip) Edwards used to race karts with Norm.
    I will say I am very proud of all of Norms accomplishments and I would love to know more about him. If you would like you can contact me by email.

    • Deborah Lelliott says:

      Hi Brian Jones, I have soooo many pictures of my father and most definitely gave many of the car you are asking about…please look me up on face book and I would be happy to share any photos and chat with you…of course my Facebook name is Deborah Lelliott..ox

    • Deborah Lelliott says:

      Scott Edward’s, OMG, are you kidding me, I remember Skip and Bonnie well, please contact me via FB Deborah Lelliott or email would love nothing better than to touch base, how are Bonnie and Skip btw oxox

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