Bill Adam

Bill Adam in the 1977 Trans Am race at Mosport

Inducted 2009

Bill Adam’s parents immigrated to Canada from Scotland when Bill was just a wee-laddy He remembers little of his early life in his birth country and considers himself a proud Canadian and has displayed mat pride at car races around me world.

Growing up in Oakville he took a keen early interest in cars- This was somewhat unusual since his parent had little or no interest in the automobile. Racing became his early obsession and he spent his allowance on all the motor magazines that were available in town at the local store. One day when his mother found him in his room reading the latest issue of Car and Driver-rather than doing schoolwork-his mother ripped up his magazine. An hour later Bill was seen riding his bicycle back to the variety store to get another copy so he could finish the article he was reading. A friend of the family was aware of the interest that Bill had in cars and was also a race Marshall, so he asked if he could take Bill to the first Players 200 at Mosport in June of 1961. For Bill it was an experience that he always will fondly remember and it alsohelped shape his destiny. Little did that kind Marshall know what his offer had in sparking a racing interest in young Adam? At that event Bill covered every inch of the pits and got a first-hand look at the vehicles that he only had previously read and dreamed about. He saw a red car being worked on in the pits and asked the mechanic if it was a Ferrari. Yes it’s a Ferrari kid came the reply. Bill got out his brownie and look a picture of the car. It took a few more allowances before he was able to get the film developed and then matched up the photos with the program. 1 was never so disappointed said Bill recently to find out the car was not a Ferrari but a Triumph Special. Why anyone would want to lie to a kid, he thought. During his racing career he has always made a special effort to spend time talking with kids.
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Bill Adam | A retrospective

A trip to what is now a historic race in Canada proved just the thing for a young Scottish immigrant who has since made Canada his home.

Bill Adam attended the 1961 Players 200 race, the first major event at the new road course north of Toronto known as Mosport Park. He was hooked. He collected information on racing gleaned from magazines and trips to the courses while waiting to be old enough to race cars.

In 1971 that day came, and after some novice events at Harewood Acres, Adam acquired his competition licence, along with another young racer who would also make a mark for himself, Bobby Rahal.

Adam started racing Corvettes, and got his break when he signed on with Bob Tullius and his Group 44 Racing team in 1980. Adam, a resident of Southern Ontario, started with the Truimph TR8s of Group 44, helping to win the team’s class at Mosport and Sebring of that year. He then raced a Group 44 Jaguar XJR-5 in the IMSA GTP class until 1984, ran a Porsche 962 in 1986, and then a Riley and a Scott the following year.

Adam also competed in the Rothmans Porsche Cup, with numerous wins. In 1987 he, along with fellow Canadians Richard Spenard and Scott Goodyear, raced a Porsche 962C at Le Mans, running as high as fifth at one point in the classic endurance event.

He also raced in several stock car events, including an Export A race at Mosport in 1974 and competed with the touring ASA (American Speed Association) at Cayuga Speedway in 1984.

Early in the 21st century he drove in the Porsche Supercup in the USGP, and ran a 911 at the 2003 Mont Tremblant Grand Am event.

A few years before, in 1990, Adam started his second career in motorsports as a race announcer for the television networks of ESPN, CBS, NBC, CTV, TSN, and Global. Recently, he has competed in historic sports car racing. He maintains homes in the Ontario cottage region of Muskoka, and in Florida.