Roger McCaig

Inducted 1997

Roger McCaig competed successfully in the Can-Am and Continental 5000 series in the late ’60s and early ’70s in a series of McLaren Group 7 and Formula 5000 cars. He became a full-time racing driver in 1969, the same year he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the disease, he was top Canadian in the Can-Am series in 1970 as well as sharing successes with brother Maurice in major endurance races. Roger died in 1976, just 43 years old.

Image courtesy of Bob Jones.

Ross de St Croix

Inducted 1994

Winning the 1967 Canadian Championship was the personal centennial project of Eustace Sousy. He bought a McLaren and, wisely, picked Ross de St Croix to drive it. Ross enjoyed great success in every car he ever drove, from MG’s to the ex-Miss Whiz Lola. But he also contributed greatly to the sport as the President of the Canadian Automobile Sports Club (CASC) and President of the Montreal Motor Racing Club.

Photo by Lionel Birmbaum via Racing Sports Cars