Clubine Motorsports and partners are supporting CMHF Rising Star Award recipient Mac Clark

Bill Clubine has always loved racing. Whether it was snowmobiles, motorcycles or race cars, he’s had a long-running addiction for speed and competition. But getting and staying involved in racing wasn’t easy, in his younger years. He was the only person in his family with a passion for motorsports, so he was on his own in terms of being able to participate.

With the goal of giving talented up-and-coming Canadian racers access to some of the advantages and support he never had, Clubine has created Clubine Motorsports Canada, a program that will give youngsters access to his experiences, insights, and resources, so that they can have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Bill Clubine speaking at the CMHF Induction Gala. His Clubine Motorsports and Andre Laurin’s OTSFF were co-sponsors of the event. Hall Board Chair Peter Lockhart looks on. (CREDIT John R. Walker / oneword)

“I started racing when I was about 16 years old,” said Clubine, from Woodbridge, Ontario. “I raced snowmobiles in the winter, and all forms of motorcycles in the summer. My father wasn’t much interested in motorsports, so it was all funded by myself; I had no help. Fast forward from then to now, and I’m very interested in giving young ‘up-and-comers’ a leg up, in terms of support.”

The main focus of the program, right now, is Milton, Ontario racer Mac Clark, who was recently recognized at the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame (CMHF) Induction Gala as the recipient of the organization’s annual Rising Star Award.

The award recognized Clark’s impressive record during his relatively short road racing career, which started in karting and saw him achieve rapid success in F1600 before capturing the USF Juniors championship, last fall, at Texas’ Circuit of the Americas (COTA).

That victory earned him an almost quarter of a million-dollar scholarship to race, this season, in the Road to Indy USF2000 Championship. So far this year, Clark – who recently turned 19 – has had two weekends competing in the series for the DEForce Racing team.

Clubine Motorsports and OTSFF – the company owned by Clubine’s long-time friend and racing associate Andre Laurin – were the co-sponsors of the CMHF Induction Gala.

Discussing his motivations for starting Clubine Motorsports and helping Mac Clark, Clubine said, “With Mac, we’ve got something special here. We’ve got to help this kid. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. You don’t want to see something go to waste when you’ve got the ability to help out. I can, and I am. I want to be a friend, mentor, coach, advocate and sponsor… all of the above.

“I knew about Mac because he was brought to my attention when he was racing open-wheel cars for David Clubine (no relation) at Britain West. And I soon discovered that this kid’s a winner. He does his talking with what he does in the car. Out of the car, he doesn’t brag, he’s very soft-spoken and very polite. A perfect young gentleman, and sponsors tend to like people like that.”

Clubine continued, “From there, I contacted his father, Stu, and said, ‘We need to chat.’ So, he drove out to Mosport (CTMP) and we had a conversation. As it turned out, he (Mac) won the (USF Juniors) championship down in the States. And as I said on the stage at the Gala, we thought, ‘OK, let’s send him to Portland (Oregon), one level up (in USF2000), and see how he does.’ Well, he won that, too.”

“At that point, I involved Andre Laurin (OTSFF) and said, ‘Andre, we gotta look at this kid.’ Andre met him and was also impressed. Andre races the Trophy Truck, the kind they race at Baja. We’ve known each other going back to when his CSRA snowmobile racing team was sponsored by Rockstar, and won eight national championships. And then he did the Yamaha motocross team in the summer, again, all sponsored by Rockstar. It was a big deal.”

But after a while, Laurin changed his focus, over to car racing.

“Rockstar was sold to Pepsi, and at that time, he decided he’d had enough of those things, freezing at snowmobile races and hanging out at dirty motocross tracks,” laughed Clubine. “So, we decided to buy a TCR car and have some fun. And that’s what we did.”


Mac Clark is competing in his rookie USF2000 season. (CREDIT USF2000)


In addition to Clark, Clubine has his eye on supporting some other young Canadian racing talents.

“Mac is interested in racing in the States and that’s where our interest is now. And we have Zach Vanier, who is also racing in the States this year. And we’ve got little Anthony Martella, who has come up the ladder pretty quick, scoring several podiums already in go-karts, racing in the States. We’re going to plug him in this year, with Britain West, to do some testing days at Mosport, with us in the open-wheel car. He’s too young, but we want to put him in the car and see how he does. Tony Martella is going to bring his TCR car out and we’ll bring ours.

“We’ll bring Zach down from Sudbury and have Mac here and all three of the guys can have some fun. They’re the three people we’re interested in, but our primary focus right now is Mac, and I’m writing personal cheques to support him. And I’m working hard to find additional support to cover his entire budget. If you read this and would like to be part of giving Mac an opportunity to fulfil his potential, please reach out to me.”

Indeed, as well as contributing his own resources, Clubine is working to attract others who share his passion for racing and his vision for helping to cultivate young, talented drivers.

With the support of Clubine Motorsports and partners, Clark has the budget to complete the full USF2000 schedule. (CREDIT Mac Clark Racing)

“Mac’s father (Stu) took this thing as far as they could. Now, it’s time for someone else to get on the dance floor. There’s never a problem with them (the Clarks). There’s no complaining. They always make the best of everything. Mac’s smooth and he has a sixth sense about staying clean and avoiding trouble. I have a number of friends who are very high net-worth guys and they’re going to be joining us in this program, too.”

In early May, Clubine announced that Angelo Paletta, a Burlington, Ontario businessman with a well-documented love of amazing cars and motorsports, had joined the Clubine Motorsports team, personally and through his company TNG Exotics & Limited Editions.

“I’m joining Bill as part of the financing team, and giving Mac and his father a lot of support so we can see what he can do,” said Paletta, discussing the news. “I think he’s a great kid, has great personality, he’s very polite, respectful and appreciative. It’s good to see that in the younger generation.

“I’ve been a huge F1 guy for a long time. My ‘build’ isn’t conducive to being a race car driver and my father was never into me doing that. But I’ve always been into speed and power and have loved F1. I’m a partner with a group owns part of the McLaren Racing Division and across all five of the different racing categories that McLaren has. In 2004 or 05, I led the drivers’ parade at the Toronto Molson Indy in my GT40 in the Molson, Indy in Toronto with my GT40 CAV, and many track days.

“And I’ve done some weekends with the Ferrari Challenge. Unfortunately, COVID delayed it a couple of years, but I did a few weekends at Daytona and Watkins Glen. So, all that is to say that I really enjoy the racing world.”

And while Paletta won’t be competing in a single-seat road racing car, or taking part in an IndyCar race, he’s excited about being part of the team supporting Mac.

“Maybe I can live a little bit vicariously through him. But it’s good to support young and up-and-coming kids, male or female, who really appreciate the support. Mac is a very well-grounded individual, which is pretty hard to find, sometimes, today. He’s getting the right tutelage and they have the right protocols in place to keep going further up the ladder. He seems to have what it takes, so I’m looking forward to being part of it.”

On top of completing competing full-time in the busy USF2000 series, Clark just finished the Freshman year of his Automotive Engineering program at Oshawa’s Ontario Tech university.

As well, Clark recently made his Sports Car debut at California’s Sonoma Raceway, in a Porsche 718 Cayman. He impressed in both of his outings there, possibly opening the doors to potential ‘tin top’ races in some high-profile events. It’s likely that Clark’s only Canadian racing appearance this summer will be in the USF2000 race at Toronto’s Honda Indy, in July.

He’ll also be participating in the OPP’s Take it to the Track campaign, another program that is close to Clubine’s heart. Take it to the Track encourages people – especially youngsters – not to race or drive at excessive speeds on the roads and highways, but rather, to do these things at racing facilities.

It’s always encouraging to see a talented young racer emerge, with all of the skills and qualities that could take him or her to the heights of the sport. The excitement is amplified when sufficient resources and other supports are added into the mix. Thanks to Clubine Motorsports and Bill Clubine’s racing friends and associates, we could be witness to something special.


UPDATE: In late May, Mac Clark won the USF2000 race at Indianapolis Raceway Park. It was Clark’s first oval start with the series. Following eight of 18 races, Clark has surged to fifth in the championship chase following some early season mechanical issues that impacted the team’s results.


Prior to the halfway point of the season, Mac Clark sits fifth in the standings after a dominant win at Indianapolis Raceway Park, in late May. (CREDIT USF2000)