Inducted 2015 – International


“Multimatic is a low-key company that usually works behind the scenes to help others find success, so basking in the spotlight isn’t something we do very often,” said Larry Holt, Multimatic vice-president of engineering.  It is an enormous honour to be inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, and it’s something we will share proudly with our employees worldwide.


In addition to the Ford GT, Multimatic also produced the track-focused Aston Martin Vulcan, which interestingly is based on the Aston Martin One-77 it also built for the British automaker.  That partnership also saw it help create the Aston Martin DB10s used in the James Bond SPECTRE film.


The company also has a core business of supplying engineering and high-volume automotive components to manufacturers around the world, ranging from suspension and closure systems, to carbon fibre products and complex mechatronic devices.