The Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame exists to honour and recognize the efforts, achievements and contributions that Canadians have made in the realm of Canadian Motorsports.


The Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame was officially opened in 1993, and began inducting honourable members in that year. The first set of inductee recognition panels was displayed in a special section at the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds.


The space permitted the display of only one vehicle. This first vehicle was the 1983 March Indycar of Jacques Villeneuve (Sr.) There soon was a need for a larger facility and the search began for a new home of what was to be a Motorsport museum.

In November of 1997, the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame moved to 777 Bay Street. The 7,500 square foot space offered more room and a better display environment for the museum’s exhibits and soon attracted a steady stream of motorsports enthusiasts.


From 2001 the CMHF moved through several temporary locations before deciding to focus on the original mission of honouring and recognizing Canadians who have made a contribution to the world of Motorsport.


The Hall now has a permanent home—accessible to all—on the internet. We will continue to build out this site to showcase truly Canadian stories in motorsport both within Canada and beyond our borders.

As of the Class of 2023, the CMHF has inducted 290 honourable members, who have been recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to Canadian motorsports.


These men, women and companies have earned the privilege to be a part of the Hall. Categories for induction include: Competitors, Motorsport Builders, Team Members and Significant Contributors.


The CMHF hosts an annual induction ceremony that has become a popular and important event to the Canadian Motorsport industry.


In the past, it has hosted such auspicious guest speakers as John Surtees, Dan Gurney, Jacques Villeneuve, Andrew Craig, Ron Fellows, Don Panoz and Brock Yates.


Recent induction ceremonies have been attended by nearly 300 people and have included a very successful silent auction. The induction event and auction are key fundraising activities of the Hall, at this time. The CMHF is looking toward a future of continuing to help raise awareness of Canadian motorsports, and the CMHF website.


The Canadian Motorsport Heritage Foundation operates as a not-for-profit charitable institution.

The Hall of Fame comes under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Heritage Motorsports Foundation, created by a group of leading international businessmen. The Foundation aims to continue to preserve and promote the collection and exhibits of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, as well as helping to provide a comprehensive and interactive look at the long and storied history of motor racing in Canada right here at www.cmhf.ca