$125.00 (4 sessions x 3 laps each)

Buy Ride-Along Tickets


  1. Enter the Driver Development Track via the MOTOMASTER gate.
  2. Follow Way Finding signage to for Ride-Along event registration.
  3. Registration opens at 7am at the Ride-Along tent in pit lane.
  4. On track activities will run from 9am to 5pm – Rain or Shine.
  5. Show proof of payment (email or printed receipt from online purchase), sign waiver and obtain a 4 – session Ride-Along ticket.
  6. All pit stalls will have a number and the same car will always return to the same pit number.
  7. Each pit stall will have 2 helmets for guests to use, along with a helmet liner. Both helmets to remain at each station throughout the day. Each helmet will be numbered to match the pit stall ensuring that we have two helmets at each pit stall throughout the day and not have to go looking for them. The volunteer assistant at each pit stall will prepare you for your ride, fitting the helmet & then preparing the next guest for their ride with the second helmet. Upon exiting your ride, the volunteer assistant will retrieve your helmet for the next guest at that pit stall. For small or medium size helmets, go to the helmet table for fitment & after your ride, please return the helmet to the table for the next guest.
  8. Guests are welcomed & encouraged to bring their own helmets.
  9. When it is your turn for a ride an attendant will ask for your ticket, punch one of the four holes and then help you get in the car and buckled in.


(4 sessions x 3 laps each) Guests may select which vehicle they wish to ride in each session & ticket sessions may be shared with different passengers.

Buy Ride-Along Tickets

Additional single session Ride-Along tickets at $40 each or 4 session Ride-Along tickets at $125 each MAY be available on event day from the Ride-Along Registration tent in pit lane. (Cash or Credit Card)