Doug Crosty

Inducted 2017 – Formula Atlantic championship winning engineer


The career of this new inductee began in the late 1960s when he went to watch some sports car racing.  This introduction turned into developing and building race cars rather than getting behind the wheel.


Working with another Hall of Fame member, Bill Brack, he went to work in the Lotus factory in England and helped develop the first Lotus 5000 car under the tutelage of Colin Chapman.  This led to the re-building and repurposing of a Lotus 59/69 which competed in the Formula B and Atlantic series in North American and was very successful, winning the championship in 1973, ’74, and 75.


He then managed a 6-car Formula Atlantic team with Brack and others including Price Cobb and Jacques Villeneuve, racing in North and South America, Europe, and South Africa.


This new member retired as a race car manager and engineer to concentrate on the retail auto sector, but returned to the sport in the late 1990’s to help manage the LA Rainbow Racing ChampCar Light series entry that won the championship in 1999 with driver Paul Razal-owsky.


As a highly-skilled technical and mechanical innovator, this new inductee continues to provide his skills as a mentor to present race teams, along with maintaining and demonstrating the classic Lotus at shows and special race events.