Doug Fairchild

Inducted 2009 – Significant Contributor


One of the most influential behind-the-scenes personalities in Canadian auto racing, Doug Fairchild provided the insight, experience, and tires to many of this country’s racers, regardless of their discipline.


Fairchild started his career with Goodyear in the 1960s, and his skills were noted quickly as he became a member of Goodyear’s Formula One tire team. He then went to work as the Goodyear tire distributor for Roger Penske in the US.


In 1985 he returned to Canada, and set up Competition Tire Canada, Goodyear’s official race tire distributor in Canada.


Whether supplying racing rubber to road racers, stock car racers, or drag racers, Fairchild was always available during race weekends, helping and advising competitors across the country.