Dr. Hugh Scully, BA, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS

Dr. Hugh Scully1

Inducted 2000 – Significant Contributor


Dr. Scully has made immense medical and safety contribution to motorsport in Canada and worldwide, working with safety proponents such as Sir Jackie Stewart and Professor Sid Watkins. He was Chief of Staff and Deputy Surgeon-in-Chief at the Toronto General Hospital, Professor of Surgery and Health Policy at the University of Toronto, Past President of the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association (all physicians in Canada) and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (all heart specialists in Canada).  He is a founding President of the Ontario Race Physicians and the Medical Director of the Canadian Grand Prix first at Motorsport Park, now in Montreal, and of the Molson Indy Toronto.  Together with Professor Sid Watkins, he was a founding Member of the FIA World Medical Commission based in Paris.  He is also the Chairman of the International Council of Motorsport Science (2 countries) based in Indianapolis.  Although not as visible to motorsport fans as drivers, promoters and team owners, the contributions of people such as Dr. Hugh Scully are vitally important to growth and prosperity of our sport.