Dr. Robert F. Seal

Inducted 2020 – Builder


A resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Robert Francis Seal was part of a five-member group that founded the Canadian Motorsports Response Team (CMRT), in 2011.  Dr. Seal is the President and Medical Director of the CMRT.  The organization has one team based in Alberta and another in Quebec and Ontario, providing service and support at major racing events, of all kinds, in those three provinces.  The CMRT developed the Medical Extrication Device (MED), a slim, carbon-fibre board that assists in the process of removing drivers from vehicles.


Dr. Seal is also the Chairman of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS), an association of scientific and educational professionals who work to improve performance and safety in all forms of racing.  Dr. Seal is also involved with the Road Track Safety Program and One Stop Strategy Motorsports and has served as the Medical Director and Deputy Medical Director for many major racing events across Canada.