John Sambrook


Inducted 2017 – Championship Driver – Race Association Official


A former road racer who began his Canadian racing career in 1959, this inductee raced at the Regional, National, and FIA level, and some VARAC Vintage racing . . .


But he is best known for his work in driver development and tenure with the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs, where he held a variety of executive positions.


Through the 1960’s he was responsible for the development and training of 250 student racers becoming CASC’s National Race Director, with strong involvement with the Player’s Challenge Series and the Molson Quebec Championship.


After hanging up his driving gloves in 1973, our inductee continued his work with high-level racing events at Mt. Tremblant, Sanair, and Trois-Rivieres.


He was also a track designer during the 1960’s, providing the drawings and models for Trois Rivieres and other tracks.


In the mid-1990’s he returned to his passion, providing council to VARAC to introduce and develop new Canadian racing talent.