This page is intended to assist you in the process of best representing the accomplishments, achievements and contributions of the person or organization being nominated, thereby increasing the quality of the nomination and its chances for success. Please review it carefully in order to maximize the quality of your nomination.




  • Nominations are now being accepted throughout the calendar year.


  • The cut-off date for nominations to be considered for the following year’s class of inductees is end of day, on the final day of July, each year.


  • Nominations received on or after August 1 (each year) will be considered with those received during the following year’s submission period.




To be considered for induction, individuals must be deceased or retired from competition / participation for at least three years, or if still active, have been involved in motorsport for at least 21 years.




  • Nominations will automatically remain eligible for consideration for two years.


  • Nominations requiring additional information will be held, and the Chair and/or Independent Selection Committee will contact the nominator to assist in the completion of the nomination.
    All successfully submitted nominations will be vetted for completeness, confirmed with the nominator, then forwarded to the Independent Selection Committee.


  • It is the responsibility of the nominator to complete the online nomination form in its entirety. It is also the responsibility of the nominator to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. The Nomination / Independent Selection Committee will not add to details submitted, but will only work to verify the authenticity of the information and evaluate the nominees’ overall contributions to Canadian motorsport, as offered in the nomination as submitted.


  • The received nominations are vetted for completeness and forwarded to the Independent Selection Committee members. At this point, the Independent Selection Committee will review the complete nomination submissions, evaluate them, and submit grade point scores to the Independent Selection Committee Chair and the General Manager. The composite scores are then presented to the Board, in confidence and without names. The Board then determines a grade point cut-off to determine the new class of inductees.


  • Once the new members have been identified, the CMHF Board Chair will personally contact each of the successful nominees and their nominators. This will take place in late September, prior to the public release of the names of the new members to be inducted.


  • The successful candidates will be honoured in an induction ceremony, tentatively scheduled for February of the following year.




  • Members of the CMHF Board of Directors and members of the Independent Selection Committee are not permitted to submit nominations.


  • Members of the CMHF Board of Directors are not permitted to provide letters of support or recommendation for nominations.


  • Individuals or organizations that were previously nominated, but not yet inducted, are eligible to be nominated again.




The CMHF recognizes and honours significant achievements of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Canadian motorsport, either as a Competitor, Builder, Race Support Participant or as a member of the Media.


  • Competitor: Includes a driver or anyone directly involved with the team (team manager, team member, technician, engineer, fueler, strategist, tire technician, etc.)


  • Builder: Includes anyone who creates or adds significant value to a team or series (team owner, sponsor, manufacturer, vendor, etc.) involved in Canadian motorsport


  • Race Support Participants: Includes anyone who works in support of an event (race official, race medical, fire/rescue, race administration, hospitality, track worker, etc.)


  • Media: Includes anyone who covers and/or promotes Canadian racers or series (announcer, photographer, journalist, a company that publishes motorsport editorial and/or results, or promotes events)




Three of the fields near the end of the form require relatively lengthy responses. Because of this, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to submit nominations, rather than phones or tablets, which don’t have keyboards. It might also be a good idea to write and edit this material using a word processing program, save it on your computer, and then copy/paste the data into the appropriate fields on the online nomination form.


Several fields require information, or responses, for nominations to be successfully submitted. If not all of the required info is included, the field will have a red shadow over it until the required field is filled or the required attachment has been included. Following a successful submission, the nominator will immediately receive a confirmation email.


If you have trouble with the nomination form, please send a note to describing the issue. Include your phone number and a convenient time we can reach you to discuss.


Nominations for the Class of 2024 will be accepted until the end of day on Wednesday, July 31, 2024.