Scott Maxwell

Inducted 2013 – Competitor – Road Racing


Over a career in motorsport that has spanned close to four decades, Scott Maxwell has said his defining moment came in 2000 as a team member of Multimatic Motorsports and a class win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


“My greatest moment personally was leading the team at Le Mans and standing on the podium there,” Maxwell noted. “There’s just nothing like it.”


While the Le Mans victory may have been the highlight of Maxwell’s career, he worked hard and long to get to that podium as one of Canada’s most respected road racers.


As a youth, Maxwell’s early years were spent at race tracks with his father, an amateur racer and official. Walking around Mosport and meeting racing legends such as Graham Hill and Jack Brabham helped to provide the inspiration to get behind the wheel of a race car.


Maxwell started racing in earnest in open-wheel competition as the CASC’s Formula Vee rookie of the year and through 1984 to 1986 was that series’ champion at several levels. He then started racing endurance cars with national class wins in the early 1990s.


His association with Multimatic has been long and fruitful, and he continues to race with the team and its on-going relationship with race-prepared Ford Mustangs.


Along with the Le Mans victory, another benchmark in the racer’s career occurred in 2001 with the Rolex 24 hours endurance event, winning the pole over more prominent and well-funded teams. And success with the trips to Florida continued, winning the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2003 in the DP class, and winning the GT2 class at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 2006.


Along with his role as driver for Multimatic, Maxwell has played an important part in the development of the team’s race cars, including the Mustang, Panoz, and Aston Martin.


Maxwell has pointed out he believes his training as a driver was helped in part by another driver to be inducted tonight, Paul Tracy. Maxwell said his early years racing with Tracy was exciting and intense, and helped him to the next level in competition.


Today, along with racing in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge with his Mustang Boss 302R in the series’ GS class, Maxwell devotes himself to another aspect of the motorsports world with Mini Grid, a Toronto-based shop specializing in products for enthusiasts, a labor of love started by his father in 1978.