Tony Novotny

Inducted 2007  – Significant Contributor – Stock Car Racing


Tony Novotny started his life in motorsport as a 16 year old fan and drag racer at St Thomas Drag Strip. His passion for the sport lead him to open a speed shop in Chatham. Over time this business expanded into race wheel manufacture and race tire sales. This lead to relationships with race tracks. In 1979 he purchased Delaware Speedway and embarked upon a career as track owner and race promoter.


The challenges he faced there prodded him to create standards for cars and competitors that raced on his track culminating in the formation in 1981 of the Canadian Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. Under Tony’s guidance CASCAR built the profile of stock car racing in Canada, raising the standards so sponsors would find value in Canadian racing scene. CASCAR’s success brought the attention of sponsors and in turn TV and a constantly growing fan base and CASCAR expanded into more tracks, road courses and across the country. Support and feeder series were built to ensure growth which has left CASCAR as the predominant racing series in Canada.


Tony Novotny has been recognized with the John Bassett Award which has in the past been awarded to Harvey Hudes, Paul Tracy, Scott Goodyear, Dr. Hugh Scully, Jacques Villenueve, Gilles Villenueve, Jim O’Donnell, Ludwig Heimrath and Greg Moore. Tony has also been recognized with the “Promoter of the Year” award by RPM at the Annual Race Promoters Workshop on Daytona Florida during Speedweek, which covers all race tracks in the USA and Canada!