Walter Boyce

Inducted 2003

Walter Boyce is a Canadian rallysport hero. He is the only Canadian rally driver ever to win an FIA World Championship Rally. Teamed with co-driver Doug Woods, he decisively won the 1973 Press-On-Regardless Rally. He is one of the few Canadians to have been seeded by the FIA and the only North American ever ranked in the top seed. Additionally, Boyce scored countless Canadian and SCCA sanctioned event victories during his career, including the Canadian Winter Rally and the Rally of the Rideau Lakes. His record of five consecutive Canadian National Championship titles has never been equaled. Entering his first rally in 1967 with his brother Harry navigating in his mother’s Mercury Comet, Walter took just two years to hit his stride on the national stage. Between September 1969 and March of 1971, he entered 21 Canadian National Championship rallies (including 4 FIA listed international events) and recorded 10 wins, 5 places and 6 DNF’s. 1969 also included a third overall in the famous Press-On-Regardless, his favourite event. He even competed in and won the Cannonball Run – One Lap of America in 1985. Not content to just compete in rallies, Walter Boyce has written about the sport in a number of Canadian publications, assisted in event presentation and was the President of Outaouais Valley Autosport Club.


  1. Brent McFadyen says:

    Truly one of Canada’s great rally drivers. Competed at the same time as Walt and spectated and helped out who I could at the time.
    Watched the terrific car control of Walter , he truly seldom left the road.

  2. Jean MacGillivray says:

    On May 1-2, 2015, the Motorsport Club of Ottawa is holding our seventh annual Lanark Highlands Forest Rally: We are absolutely delighted to have as our guests Rally legends Walter Boyce, Doug Woods and Stuart Gray. Stuart got in touch last fall at, looking for Walter and Doug, and is making the trip from Wales just for this! We are using Lavant Mill Road and Umpherson’s Mill Road, which will bring back memories of the Rally of the Rideau Lakes. Our Rally HQ will be in McDonald’s Corners. Please come by on May 2 if you’re in the area! Jeannie.

  3. Paul Stock says:

    Have to disagree with Brent, who I also remember from the mid-70’s. Grey Datsun 510, right, Brent? Anyways, Walter often left the road, jumping 2-3-4 feet in the air at just about every hillcrest. Shrewsbury North was particularly exemplary, with five jumps in the last half-mile. Walter once told me there were 54 gear changes in that 3 mile stage, where he was the undisputed master. Not that I was a buddy- just a back-marker, my best finish in a national (as co-drive) r was a 7th or 8th. 40 years ago- a fine time of life…

    • Brent McFadyen says:

      Paul I too left the road lots on Shrewsbury North , there were three good sized jumps at the beginning of the stage. The first time the stage was run in daylight there were three cars off the road having falling victim to the major jumps and suspensions that got out of phase. Most of us did not have the joys of good gas struts and shocks then. Later in rallying I had proper rally struts on my 510 and the only time I remember bottoming them out hard was the first jump on Shrewsbury. Flew the car far enough to land on the uphill side of the second jump, that was a hard landing. One time I had my door open in flight from the body shell flexing.
      Walter was a great driver he crashed very seldom and was fast. Sure he left the road, we all did on the jumps they were fun. I still go out to events in the Rockies and there are maybe five people there from the old days.

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