Jim Robinson

Inducted 2017 – Television Producer and Filmaker


Before the internet and social media, motorsport fans looked toward television and print media for their information and coverage.


Our next inductee tried to present a feeling of “being at the track” through his television production.  Special care was taken with soundtracks and presenting commentary that was often lacking.  This aspect, along with visual presentations, helped the world of auto racing come to life.


Starting in the 1960’s he became the pioneer in story-telling to the Canadian auto racing community.  He was in charge of filming the original Canadian Grand Prix for television, bring the sports’ drama and heroism to homes across Canada.


As motorsports grew in the 1970’s, our inductee continued with F-1 while also producing acclaimed documentaries on Gilles Villeneuve and the history of Mosport Park.


The Toronto native then produced the Player’s Atlantic Series for CTV.


In the 1980’s the Canadian motorcycle scene exploded in popularity, partly due to the television package our inductee produced for the Canadian Superbike Championship.  He also was the driving visual force behind the Honda Michelin success along with the Export A 2000 and the Rothman’s Porsche-ah Series.


During the 1990’s, his production company helped make the CASCAR Super Series a household name.  His expertise wasn’t limited to just the Canadian scene as he and his production company was chosen to be the world feed director for Canadian ChampCar races and the Montreal F-1 events.


Through his broadcasting efforts, he helped NASCAR transition the CASCAR series into a world-wide brand making it Canada’s most successful national touring series.


Along with motorsport media production, he has supported the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame with volunteer and archival work.


Directing and producing over 500 motorsport titles for television in both English and French, this new inductee has provided millions of Canadians with the ability to watch their heroes race from the comfort of their living rooms!