Jordan Szoke

Jordan Szoke Photo

Inducted 2015 – Competitor – Motorcycle Racing


From the Southern Ontario town of Lynden, the next inductee has established a career in motorcycle road racing that my never be equaled in Canada.  He recently won this year’s Mopar Pro Superbike Series, his 11th series championship.  He won every event on the 2016 tour of Canada’s premier road racing series, and he won every event on the 2016 tour of Canada’s premier road racing series, and he won every event in 2015 as well..  Since his first race in the class in 1998 at Race City, this inductee has 59 wins to his credit, by far and away the highest number since the series began in 1979.


As a full-time professional riders, this inductee is not yet 40 years of age, but his father had him on a motorcycle when he was two, and he was riding regularly in trials and ice races by the time he was six.  He has raced throughout North America, Europe, and in Japan, but has achieved his greatest success in his native land.  While he has ridden several makes of motorcycles, including Honda, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson, has has competed on a BMW since 2012 and compiled a highly successful record in this fast and challenging arena of motorsport.


When not racing, this inductee is an avid bicycle rider, cycling for training purposes and competing in none-mechanized two-wheel events.  He also performs in a variety of off-track pursuits, including motorcross, representing the sport in enthusiast shows, and coaching riders.  Attributing his success to a combination of experience and great chemistry with a seasoned team, this inductee is hoping to continue racing for the next several years at this level, hoping to win a race after the year 2020, giving him victories in four decades of the sport.