Normand Legault

Norman  Legault

Inducted 2019


Normand Legault was instrumental in securing a Canadian presence for the top echelon in motor racing. Events in major league racing such as Formula One and IndyCar take a great deal of planning, organization, and some political maneuvering and Legault used his business acumen in motorsports marketing to operate the Canadian Grand Prix, starting in 1981 and continuing for the next 27 years. Not only did he promote and give Canada a prominent position on the world stage for the F1 races held at Montreal’s circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, he promoted CART and Champcar at Quebec’s Mt Tremblant circuit for several seasons in the early years of the 21st century, and NASCAR’s Busch Series in 2007 to the Montreal circuit. His interest in racing began with trips with his father to major race events, and after graduating from university, he went to work for Labatt Quebec as its motorsports sponsorship manager. This led to a strong background in the behind-the-scenes workings of the sport. Throughout the 1980s Legault worked in the business world, returning to motorsport in 1989 as general manager of the Canadian GP at the request of then Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone. Throughout the 1990s and well into the first decade of 2000, he secured title sponsorships for the GP with Player’s Ltd. and Air Canada in presenting Canada’s most prestigious motorsport event through his work as CEO of GPF1 and Formula One Grand Prix du Canada.